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<Report>Participation in Overseas Travel Fair 2015 in Chikaho (Sapporo)

ASEAN-Japan Centre participated in the Overseas Travel Fair 2015 in Chikaho (Sapporo) for the first time. 

Hokkaido has been successful in attracting inbound tourists especially from ASEAN countries. With the prefecture’s intention to enhance outbound tourism as well, they organize the overseas travel fair annually.  The Centre promoted the ASEAN destinations by distribution of travel brochures and ASEAN trivia at the venue in Sapporo, which is a prospective market with increasing direct flights to ASEAN regions.    
AJC also introduced Balinese traditional dance as a stage program for the visitors to enjoy ASEAN culture.  

Date: 9 – 11 October, 2015 
Venue:  Sapporo Station Underpass
Organizer: Executive Committee of Hokkaido Overseas Travel Promotions
Visitor: about 13,000 persons 

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