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<Report>Minangkabau Week

Tourism and cultural event to introduce Minangkabau was held at ASEAN-Japan Hall during the period of 6-10 July. Minangkabau is an Indonesian ethnic group which has its homeland in West Sumatra, and their society is composed of unique mixture of Islam and matrilineage.  

The event programs included the exhibition of photographs of Minangkabau life by Mr. Edy Utama, a tourism presentation of West Sumatra, and a sales mission from Indonesia led by the Ministry of Tourism. Indonesia recently announced the exemption of tourist visa for Japanese, and more Japanese are expected to travel to Indonesia with free entry.   

Date:    6-10 July, 2015
Venue:  ASEAN-Japan Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre 


Opening remarks from the Indonesian Ambassador



BtoB Presentation by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia



Photographs of Minangkabau



Tourism presentation of West Sumatra