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<Report>Lectures at Saitama University

ASEAN-Japan Centre was again invited to deliver lectures at Saitama University.

“Building ASEAN Community on a Transnational Dimension “Asia’s 10 Perfect Paradise”

Date: April 23, 2015 10:40~12:10 

Attendance: 18 persons 

Speaker: Dananjaya Axioma  (Director of Tourism&Exchange Division, ASEAN-Japan Centre )


The lecture covered the influence of various religions in ASEAN, by showing the images of historical architectures. Also the lecturer introduced ASEAN’s diversity with taking Indonesia as an example. After the lecture, a number of interesting questions were raised by the students such as “How spicy are ASEAN foods?”, “How do they maintain the unity among ASEAN”, or more details about religions in ASEAN.



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