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Presentations on how to welcome Muslim tourists from ASEAN

The ASEAN-Japan Centre delivered presentations at the following seminars as part of its inbound tourism promotions.


<Tokyo>   November 1, 2014

Organizer: Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting 

Participants: 152 persons

Speaker: Dananjaya Axioma (Director, Tourism & Exchange Div., AJC) 
              Ken Fujita  (Project Manager, Tourism & Exchange Div., AJC) 


 <Sapporo>  November 11, 2014 

Organizer: The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry  

Participants: 34

Speaker: Ken Fujita 


<Niigata, Minamiuonuma>   November 18, 2014 

Organizer: Japan Travel and Tourism Association (Minamiuonuma Tourism Association) 

Participants: 24

Speaker: Ken Fujita  


<Yamanashi >   November 25, 2014 

Organizer: Yamanashi Prefecture 

Participants: 70

Speaker: Mizuho Kanda   (Assistant Director, Tourism & Exchange Div., AJC) 


<Aichi, Gamagoori>   November 28, 2014 

Organizer: City of Gamagoori

Participants: 27

Speaker: Ken Fujita  


<Osaka>   December 12, 2014 

Organizer: Japan Association of Travel Agents (Kansai regional office) 

Participants: 20

Speaker: Mizuho Kanda