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<Report>ASEAN Kids Summer School

ASEAN-Japan Centre held a summer event “ASEAN Kids Summer School” for the purpose of creating opportunities for children to exchange and learn culture of both ASEAN and Japan. Japanese traditional drums (Wadaiko ) and Indonesian traditional dance (Indang Dance) were performed by elementary school students of Japan and Indonesia. Through those performances and other workshops, children enjoyed discovering new aspects of ASEAN countries.
Visitors:about 200 persons

DSCN0736    DSCN0776
Let’s greet in ASEAN Languages!                    Wadaiko performance

DSCN0801    DSCN0819
Wadaiko workshop                              ASEAN traditional instruments

DSCN0830    DSCN0880
Indonesian Indang Dance                          Philippine Tungatong Workshop 

Photo-taking  corner where children could try on traditional costumes of ASEAN and Japan