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<Report>ASEAN Malay Culture Event –Food, Movie, Pencak Silat-

ASEAN-Japan Centre hosted a Malay Culture Event with Japan Pencak Silat Association as a co-organizer. Pre-resistered visitors spent a full day experiencing Malay culture, such as Malay food cooking demonstration followed by the cooking workshop, and tried the Malay taste.  

In the afternoon, a Brunei movie about Pencak Silat, “Dragon Girl” was screened at the venue, later Japan Pencak Silat Association gave a seminar about the  martial art. 

Date/Time : April 25, 2015  10:30 – 17:00
Place  : ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre  
Organizer:  ASEAN-Japan Centre, Japan Pencak Silat Association 
Participants : (Part 1) Malay Food Introduction, about 60 persons (Full)
                      (Part 2) Movie, Pencak Silat Seminar, about 60 persons (Full)

 DSC_0075 DSC_0147
Malay Cooking Demonstration                                     Teh Talik demonstration 

図2  図1
Seminar and demonstration by Japan Pencak Silat Association