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Event date:2021-7-7
Indonesia-Japan Online Investment Seminar (EV Supporting Industries in Indonesia)
Event date:2021-6-21
ASEAN Update Series “ASEAN Labour Law Update”
Event date:2021-6-16
ASEAN Update Series “Global Value Chains in ASEAN: Lao PDR”
EventscheduleFY2021Lao PDR
Event date:2021-6-10
“Viet Nam – Japan Online Business Promoting Meeting (Supporting Industries)”
Event date:2021-6-9
ASEAN Update Series “Global Value Chains in ASEAN: Electronics”
Event date:2021-6-2
“Viet Nam – Japan Online Business Seminar / Business Meeting”
Event date:2021-5-31
ASEAN Update Series: Sustainable Development Goals series 1 “Impact Investing towards ASEAN Sustainable Development Goals”
Event date:2021-3-31
ASEAN Update Series “Human Resources Development in ASEAN and Japan: a case of technical intern trainee in Fukui “
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020ASEAN
Event date:2021-3-29
“Philippine Online Business Meeting & Seminar”
EventInvestment SeminarsscheduleFY2020Philippines
Event date:2021-3-26
ASEAN Update Series “Understanding Regulations of Indonesian Omnibus Law”
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020Indonesia
Event date:2021-3-25
ASEAN Update Series “Philippine Online Business: Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE) Bill and Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP)”
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020PhilippinesVietnam
Event date:2021-3-12
ASEAN Update Series “Law changes in Vietnam: Investment, Enterprise & PPP Laws”
Event date:2021-3-8
ASEAN Update Series”Current situation of China’s External Economic Relations and ASEAN”
Event date:2021-2-22
ASEAN Update Series ”Building Sustainable Japan-Thailand Business Relationship for the Next 20 Years”
Event date:2021-2-10
ASEAN Update Series “Japanese Companies Doing Business in ASEAN: Legal Remedies Available in the COVID-19 Economy”
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020ASEAN
Event date:2021-2-4
ASEAN Update Series “Social Business Practice with Indonesian Cacao: a case of chocolate brand ‘Dari K”
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020Indonesia
Event date:2021-2-3
ASEAN Update Series “Cambodia’s Digital Currency”
Investment SeminarsscheduleFY2020Cambodia
Event date:2021-1-26
ASEAN Update Series “The role and potential of sustainable investment in ASEAN countries”
Event date:2021-1-21
ASEAN Update Lecture Series “Myanmar Outlook and Challenges in 2021“
Event date:2021-1-19
ASEAN Update Series “Development of microfinance and last-mile distribution business in Myanmar”
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