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Event date:2022-11-30 - 12-21
Circular Economy (CE) Capacity Building for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in ASEAN
Event date:2022-10-28
Webinar on “Promoting Resilient Supply Chains in the Electronics Industry in ASEAN and Japan through Free Trade Agreements”
Event date:2022-8-25
Webinar on “Promoting Resilient Supply Chains in the Automotive Industry in ASEAN and Japan through Free Trade Agreements”
Event date:2022-6-17
Webinar on “Promoting Food Security in ASEAN and Japan  through Free Trade Agreements”
Event date:2022-3-23
Online conference and workshop “ASEAN Digital Revolution: Recalibrate ASEAN Digital Connect”
Event date:2022-3-18
Online Workshop on Promotion Cambodia Pepper to Japanese Market
Business SupportSeminarFY2021Cambodia
Event date:2021-8-30
Webinar on the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)’s Policy Recommendations on Japan-ASEAN Relations in the New Era
Event date:2021-5-27
Webinar on Non-Equity Modes of Trade in Indonesia
Event date:2021-3-29 - 3-31
Program for Promoting Trade in Creative “ASEAN Design Products Webinar”
Creative industriesSeminarFY2020IndonesiaMalaysiaPhilippines
Event date:2021-3-2
Virtual Business Forum on Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)
Event date:2021-2-25
ASEAN-Japan Online Forum on Trade in Environmental Services
Promoting service tradeEventFY2020ASEAN
Event date:2021-1-27
Indonesia-Japan Online Business Seminar (Seafood processing industry)
Business SupportEventSeminarFY2020Indonesia
Event date:2020-12-10
Philippines On-line Business Seminar “Doing Business in the Philippines 2021”
Business SupportEventSeminarFY2020Philippines
Event date:2020-10-14
Indonesia-Japan Online Business Promotion Seminar (Coffee) / Business Meeting
Promoting service tradeSeminarFY2020Indonesia
Event date:2020-10-6
ASEAN Update Series “Tsuyatomo (Japanese first textile company to operate in State-owned factory)”
Promoting service tradeSeminarFY2020Myanmar
Event date:2020-9-9
Viet Nam-Japan Online Business Promotion Meeting -Investment Towards the Future Collaboration-
Business SupportPromoting service tradeEventSeminarFY2020Vietnam
Event date:2020-8-20
ASEAN 53rd Anniversary Symposium – BEYOND COVID-19: MOVING INTO THE NEW NORMAL –
Event date:2020-6-30
Vietnam-Japan Online Business Seminar/Meeting
Promoting service tradeEventSeminarFY2020Vietnam
Event date:2020-3-10
<Cancellation Notice>Vietnam Agricultural and Fishery Food Products: Trade Promotion Business Networking
Business SupportPromoting service tradeEventFY2019Vietnam
Event date:2019-11-29
The Philippines Decoration & Accessories Outsourcing Trade Promotion Seminar/Business Meeting
Business SupportPromoting service tradeEventSeminarFY2019Philippines
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