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Press Release: KUNIHIKO HIRABAYASHI Appointed as the Secretary General of ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021
Press release: Non-equity Modes of Trade in Singapore seen to promote financial technology, data centers, and biopharmaceutical industries in the time of pandemic
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021
[Media Alert]AJC to host ASEAN’s 54th Anniversary Virtual Symposium “ASEAN Economic and Social Regional Integration in the New Normal” on 27 August 2021
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021
Increased science, technology and innovation (STI) in manufacturing is the key to Indonesia in order to fully maximize benefits from GVC expansion, according to the study by ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021
Media Alert: How do Japanese people view ASEAN Member States as travel destinations? Webinars based on the results of travel awareness survey to be organized on July 12 and 13
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021ASEAN
Media Alert: How Do Japanese Female Millennials View CLMV as Travel Destinations? Webinars Based on the Results of Travel Sentiment Survey to Be Organized on June 21 & 22
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021CambodiaLao PDRMyanmarVietnam
Press Release: Non-equity Modes of Trade between Indonesia and Japan seen to offer opportunities to join international networks of production
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021Indonesia
Press Release: ASEAN-Japan Centre reaches its 40th Anniversary, Fostering ASEAN-Japan relations since 1981
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021ASEAN
Press Release: Increasing demand for environmental services in ASEAN opens opportunities for international trade in environmental services
AJCPress Release
Press Release: Electrical and electronics industry is one of the most internationally and regionally integrated industries in ASEAN, spreading all member states, says the ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2021ASEAN
Press Release: Proactive participation in global value chains is a recommended development path for Lao PDR, says the report by the ASEAN-Japan Centre, released today
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: Declaration by 22 Students From Japan and 10 ASEAN Member Counties Studying in Japan: The Launch Ceremony to Be Held Online on March 16
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020ASEAN
Press Release: ASEAN-Japan Centre to share the results of its study on GVCs to Philippine Exporters during the National Export Congress on December 3, 2020
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: AJC Appointed RAFAELITA C. CASTRO as Director of Operations
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Philippines
Press Release: AJC identifies vulnerable industries by calculating the risk intensity of value chains to external shocks in their recent report on resilient GVCs for ASEAN
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020ASEAN
Press Release: AJC and JDP to promote cooperation and collaboration between Japan and ASEAN Member States in the field of design: an online seminar and workshop on Japan’s Good Design Award Evaluation Process
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Brunei DarussalamLao PDRPhilippines
Press Release: AJC Organized “Viet Nam as a Manufacturing Hub: Viet Nam-Japan Business Seminar” Viet Nam Government shows strong intent in solidifying the trade and investment policies that prioritize Japanese companies
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: The New Normal brings in a new era but we can navigate through the path: a strong message given at the ASEAN 53rd Anniversary Online Symposium organized by AJC
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
【Press Release】AJC issued “Workbook on Interpretive Planning for ASEAN Tourism and Concept of Interpretation”
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020ASEAN
Press Release: AJC to host the 53rd ASEAN Anniversary Symposium “BEYOND COVID-19: MOVING INTO THE NEW NORMAL” on 20 August 2020
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
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