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Press Release: ASEAN-Japan Centre to share the results of its study on GVCs to Philippine Exporters during the National Export Congress on December 3, 2020
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: AJC Appointed RAFAELITA C. CASTRO as Director of Operations
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Philippines
Press Release: AJC identifies vulnerable industries by calculating the risk intensity of value chains to external shocks in their recent report on resilient GVCs for ASEAN
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020ASEAN
Press Release: AJC and JDP to promote cooperation and collaboration between Japan and ASEAN Member States in the field of design: an online seminar and workshop on Japan’s Good Design Award Evaluation Process
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Brunei DarussalamLao PDRPhilippines
Press Release: AJC Organized “Viet Nam as a Manufacturing Hub: Viet Nam-Japan Business Seminar” Viet Nam Government shows strong intent in solidifying the trade and investment policies that prioritize Japanese companies
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: The New Normal brings in a new era but we can navigate through the path: a strong message given at the ASEAN 53rd Anniversary Online Symposium organized by AJC
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
【Press Release】AJC issued “Workbook on Interpretive Planning for ASEAN Tourism and Concept of Interpretation”
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020ASEAN
Press Release: AJC to host the 53rd ASEAN Anniversary Symposium “BEYOND COVID-19: MOVING INTO THE NEW NORMAL” on 20 August 2020
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: AJC, JDP and DTP Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Lao PDR ready to establish a design promotion platform
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Lao PDR
Press Release: AJC, JDP, and DCP ready to establish a design promotion platform
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020Philippines
Press Release: Viet Nam global value chains: Creating more value added to local economy from rising exports is a remaining question to tackle by the government
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: Nearly half of Export from Thailand Undertaken through New Forms of Trade, says ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: Export Potential of ASEAN LDCs Found in New Forms of Trade, says ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2020
Press Release: Only Two-thirds of Export Value of Textiles and Clothing from ASEAN Constitute their own GDP – says ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019
Press Release: Promoting education services trade in ASEAN proves to be stimulating regional economic growth – says ASEAN-Japan Centre
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019
Press Release: AJC Proposes Key to Empower ASEAN Agribusiness: How to Participate More in Agribusiness Global Value Chains
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019ASEAN
Press Release: ASEAN Tourism Awards Japan 2019 selected 11 tour products
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019
Press Release: Only 82% of ASEAN potential Human Development Index (HDI) is realized due to existing socio-political rigidities, AJC says in a new study on trade in health related and social services in ASEAN
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019
Press Release: Heritage managers from ASEAN learn the interpretation approach at the World Heritage Site, in Bagan Myanmar
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019
Press Release: The 4th AJWELP in Brunei Darussalam supports and empowers women startups from ASEAN Member States
AJCPress ReleaseFY2019ASEAN
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