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The announcement of the opening of "The Database of ASEAN and Japan's Investment Related Laws"



            The announcement of the opening of “The Database of ASEAN and Japan’s Investment Related Laws”


ASEAN-Japan Centre would like to announce its newly created “The Database of ASEAN and Japan’sInvestment Related Laws “.

This database has links to related applicable laws and ordinances for incentives in investment, labour, tax, FTA and so on of ASEAN countries which hopefully be of use to investment companies.

It also has original texts of laws, Japanese unofficial translations and English unofficial translations as much as possible so that it can be used by people of ASEAN and Japan.

Please click the URL below  or side menu ” Investment in ASEAN and JAPAN” which is the toppage of investment information of ASEAN countries and from there you can go to the pages of “Investment Related Laws” for each country. 

English: URL:https://www.asean.or.jp/en/invest/country_info/

Japanese: URL:https://www.asean.or.jp/ja/invest/about/invests.html?fst=150415


ASEAN-Japan Centre would like to update this database based on the comments and advice received from time to time.

Please inform us by e-mail “info_in@asean.or.jp“, if you notice any laws and ordinances which are no longer in effect or

should be updated/revised (ex. Translations from Japanese to English, English to Japanese).