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2013 July : Thailand Investment Seminar (Sendai, Sapporo)

Thailand Economic Situations and Investment Environment

PDF file: 2090KB

Ms. Hirunya Suchinai, Senior Executive Investment Advisor, BOI

Investment Promotion Policies and Opportunities

PDF file: 4810KB

Mr. Pariyes Piriyamaskul, Minister, Office of Economic and Investment Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy (BOI Tokyo)

Recent Investment Trend of Japanese Companies and Attractiveness of Thailand

PDF file: 2227KB

Mr. Isamu Wakamatsu, Director, Asia and Oceania Division, Overseas Research Department, JETRO
Investment Experience and Problem-solving in Thailand(Sendai)

PDF file: 1026KB

Mr. Hisato Tonouchi, Former Executive Director, TDF Co., Ltd.

Investment Experience and Problem-solving in Thailand(Sapporo)

PDF file: 3323KB

Mr. Kazuma Takeuchi, Ex-president, Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation, Former President, Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd.