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Indo-Pacific Hackathon (IPH) Japan-ASEAN Youth Strives for Circulation

Invitation to Participate


Flyer is here


ASEAN-Japan Centre, teamed up with Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Asahi Shinbun for media, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign of the Republic of Indonesia to hold Online Green Indo-Pacific Hackathon (IPH) entitled “Japan- ASEAN Youth Strives for Circularity”.

IPH aims to foster cross-culture dialogue, promote awareness, understanding of sustainable issues faced by ASEAN & Japan. It also seeks to nurture entrepreneurship among the youth in ASEAN and Japan through capacity building activities, and connection with businesses for future development.

Teams and individual’s tech-enthusiasts, developers, innovators, data scientists and software engineers from all nationality from region are invited to take part and encouraged to explore new ways of using ICT to mitigate the problems arisen from conventional linear economy and find new solutions to drive toward a full circular economy.

Challenges / Theme

We are rapidly approaching to the post-pandemic “new normal” where several economics sectors are on the recovery momentum. Through this Hackathon, youth from ASEAN and Japan are empowered to explore the digital solutions to find a better use of resources. It is an open-ended subject, thus please feel free to recommend the problem and solution of your interest within the scope of circular economy. The choice of problem is also a parameter to appraise the project (please refer to Judging Criteria in Pitching section). Some suggested Specific challenges are:

Food waste
At the end phase of retails (hotel, restaurant, convenient stores, household use), to maintain the quality, freshness, a large amount of food are discarded even though it is still fit for consumption. What are the potential products to reduce such waste? What are the things that can be created out of food waste?

• Packaging
The use of single-use plastics is common in daily life, such as plastics bags, water bottle, toiletry bottles, bathroom amenities, etc. What are the innovations from packaging waste?

Hotels use a large quantity of linens and textile for bedsheets, tablecloth, towels, etc. These textiles must maintain in “spotlessly clean” condition as top prioritized requirement from many hotel guests. What is a solution for the excessive use and requirements of hotel textiles? What are some creative approaches to repurpose these textiles and give it a new life?

Roadmap & Milestone

1. Kick-off event – May 10 (Tentative program is here)
   a. Deepening knowledge and getting inspired by experts from the field
     i. Academic: Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Director of Research Strategy and Innovation,
      Economic Research Institute for ASEAN, and East Asia (ERIA)

     ii. Business perspective: Battling Food Waste, from ZERO Co., Ltd., Japan

     iii. Voice from the youth: Ms. Nur Latifah, PhD Student, Kumamoto University, Fellow of
       ASEAN-Japan Eco School

   b. Introduction of the Hackathon, judges, timeline, requirements
   c. Individual participants can find/form teams on this day.
   d. Final participation form will be sent on the same day to finalize participants.
    (Deadline: May 12th, 13:00 GMT+9)

   e. Proposal for potential project idea (Deadline: May 17th, 13:00 GMT+9)

2.  “Acceleration” (Training camps) – 4-5 times, 1 hour each
  (recorded for on-demand view)

   a. Entrepreneur skills
   b. Business planning and development
   c. Creativity training
   d. Tech camp

3.  “Close the loop” (Submission Due): June 14 (13:00 GMT+9)

   a. Submission of products, codes, pitching materials

4.  GREEN Day (June 22) (Hybrid) (Tentative program is here)
   a. Pitching Day
   b. Empowerment Afternoon

Pitching day

1.  Team will have 7 minutes to pitch their ideas and followed by 3 minutes Q&A from judges.

2.  All pitches will be evaluated by judges’ panel. The final decision is to be based on the following parameters:

  a. Problem

         ⇒ What specific problem does your proposed idea solve?
         ⇒ How big and pressing is this problem?
         ⇒ Based on your research, what are the root causes of this problem?
         ⇒ Who are your key stakeholders and how are they affected?

  b. Solution

         ⇒ What product or service does your idea offer?
         ⇒ How does it work?
         ⇒ What key metrics will you use to measure success and impact?

  c. Innovative value

         ⇒ What is your idea’s core value proposition?
         ⇒ What are your idea’s sources of competitive advantage?
         ⇒ How is your solution superior to others in the market?

  d. Business viability

         ⇒ What is your idea’s basic financial model?
         ⇒ How will you implement this idea?

3.  The final decision of the judges cannot be challenged and is binding.

Judges Panel and Mentors Team

• Professor Takeru Ohe, Professor at Waseda Business School of Waseda University, Executive
  Member of Asia Business Model Competition, (http://t-ohe.com/en/index.html)

• Professor Yuriko Sawatani, Director of Entrepreneurship centre at NUCB Business School

• Mr. Abdul Hakim Sahidi, Managing Director, Leave a Nest Malaysia

• Mr. Shuma Goko, Expert, Sustainability & Green-tech Startups

• Startup Expert from Indonesia


The event is open to any member of the public, including university students, innovators, entrepreneurs, tourism industry employees, etc. They


•  Have nationality of ASEAN member states including Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia,
  Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam.

•  Age 18-35 at the time of the Hackathon
•  Be able to work and communicate in English.
•  Not be government officials.
•  Submit their proposed idea 1 week after kick-off event for pre-selection if a considerable
  number of participations registered.

•  Submit their innovative ideas/ products, applications, supported by R&D and business planning
  before the due date.

•  Be available to participate in training camps (ONLINE).
•  Be available to present online/onsite on GREEN day (June 22nd, 2023). In case of unforeseen
  circumstances, the participants need to provide proof of absence.

•  Be mindful of plagiarism, as we have NO TOLORANCE policy toward the behaviour.
  Teams / individuals will be instantly disqualified if organisers detect such activity.

•  Not obliged to pay any fee to organisers.


・ Join individually or in teams of up to four (4) people. Individual participants will have a
  chance to connect with other registrants to form a Team at the Kick-off Event (Early May 2023).


•  Products can be an idea or concept they had before the event, but there should not be
  any existing or tested prototype prior to the event.

•  It can be either:

  ✓ Software tools, such as a website, mobile application, visualisation, etc.

  ✓ Hardware applications, such as Arduino based electronics.

  ✓ Tangible design prototypes, that demonstrated a use of technology in a physical context.

  ✓ Stories and new knowledge, gained from the collection and visualisation of data

    (data journalism).


1.  All prize shared among all team members.

2.  The Organiser and/or the Organising Partner reserves the right to withhold the award(s) in all groups.
  The decision made by the Organiser and/or the Organising Partner is final and binding all aspects
  related to the Hackathon.

3.  The following are the prizes for Winners of each category:

   a. Most Technically Complex Hack
   b. Most Creative Hack
   c. Most Impactful Hack
   d. Moon-shot Prize

Besides the prize, winners will be invited to participate and pitch in the ASEAN+ Youth Symposium/Start-Up for SDGs Forum which will be held in September 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia as a side-line event for the ASEAN Summit 2023 during Indonesia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN. Here, winners will pitch, and connect with companies to further develop their ideas, entrepreneur.

Additional Rule

◆ All Participants will receive an info pack with relevant information about the event agenda, activities,
  and other useful information a couple of days prior to each event.
◆ We strongly advise the teams to not print any info packs, documents, etc. Please use the digital
  versions to reduce paper waste. Come prepared with a downloaded copy of the info pack or any
  other material you may need.
◆ Teams will gain advice and support from mentors ahead of the event (through online meetings)
  as well as during the event. All mentors, facilitators and judges are subject to change without
   prior notice.
◆ Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the Organisers’ discretion. Reasons might include
  but are not limited to breaking the competition rules, providing invalid or illegal information or
  other unsporting behaviour.
◆ Upon registering to the Indo-Pacific Hackathon, Participants agree to participate in any media,
  promotional activity or publicity related to the Hackathon without payment or compensation,
  if requested to do so by Indo-Pacific Hackathon.
◆ Participants acknowledge and agree that Indo-Pacific Hackathon or its partners on this project
  may display publicly, archive and reproduce any Submissions for broadcast, marketing, publicity,
  and promotional purposes without any obligation to the Participants or any further Participants’  
◆ By participating in the Indo-Pacific Hackathon, Participants consent to be photographed and to be
  included in the filming of footage documenting the events. You hereby waive any and all rights of
  publicity or privacy and grant Indo-Pacific Hackathon full and complete permission to utilise your
  participation in the event in any and all manner and media throughout the world in perpetuity.
  You consent to the use of your name, image, likeness, voice, and biographical material about you in
  connection with any and all footage, publicity and related promotional material and for any and
  all publicity and promotional purposes. You expressly release Indo-Pacific Hackathon its directors,
  officers, employees, consultants, and service providers from and against any and all claims which
  you have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out
  of the production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of photographs, footage or any promotional
◆ By attending the Virtual Event, participants acknowledge and agree that they choose to participate in
   a designated third party live streaming website / platform / application and will be subject to the
   terms and conditions of such a third party. The Organiser and the Organising Partner is not
   responsible or liable to this third party’s sites, and Participants should review any terms and
   conditions when entering these third-party sites.
◆ Participants are responsible for all costs and fees for data usage relating to the access of the
  Hackathon online sessions through a mobile network.

Remember:The competition is just a part of the Indo-Pacific Hackathon. To make the most out of the event, try something new, collaborate with other people, and make new friends!