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Annual Work Program

Work Programme (FY2020)

As of June 2020.

Exchange program for women startups

Since FY2016, the Centre has been organizing AJWELP (ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs’ Linkage Programme) to empower startup ASEAN and Japanese women entrepreneurs by linking them with companies, mentors and AJWELP peers. This year, the Centre plans to provide training/workshop for the past AJWELP participants to brush-up their entrepreneurial skills.

Other Exchange Programmes

The Centre focuses on youth exchange and supports and organizes exchange programmes for university students and youths.


The Centre provides ASEAN lecture classes at Japanese elementary and middle/high schoools. The Centre introduces culture and lifestyle of ASEAN to elementary school students, whereas for middle/high school students, a Japanese who has studied in the AMS will share his/her experience with students to encourage students to study in the AMS. Starting this year, online sessions are also available.