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SG Fujita Conducted a Lecture for the JENESYS Program Participating Youths

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Lecture by SG Fujita

Mr. Masataka Fujita, Secretary General of the AJC, gave a lecture to a group of students and youths participating in the JENESYS* program on August 30, 2016 in Tokyo. The group was the first batch of the JENESYS 2016 Economics*, consisted of 212 young business persons as well as students from the ASEAN Member States (except Laos and Myanmar), India and the East Timor. They came to Japan to deepen understanding on Japan’s economy, society, politics and foreign affairs, and to further enhance exchanges with the Japanese youths.

At the beginning of the lecture, SG Fujita briefed the group on the evolving economic relations between the ASEAN Member States and Japan. Using statistics, SG Fujita explained that whilst Japan’s share in the ASEAN trade and investment markets has declined over the past decades, Japan’s importance still remains high in the ASEAN countries.

The briefing was followed by a lecture on the nexus of trade and investment and economic integration. SG Fujita elaborated on the present state of the value added trade in the global economy as well as the ASEAN region, and contribution of the global value chains to the development and economic integration, among others. The lecture was well received by the youths and SG Fujita received many insightful questions from them.

SG Fujita was accompanied by Mr. Vathouniyom Douangmala, Director of the Tourism and Exchange Division, and Ms. Nor Zerlina Hj Momin, Assistant Director (Investment) of the Trade and Investment Division, who gave briefings on the AJC’s recent activities prior to his talk.

*JENESYS stands for the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths

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Q&A Session