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Report: Global talk session presented by AJWELP alumnae

The ASEAN-Japan Centre held a global talk session on “A new day with ASEAN Women Startups” in conjunction with LED Kansai 2021 on 8 March 2021.

The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Osaka Bureau of Industry organized the annual LED Kansai project to support women entrepreneurs. ASEAN-Japan Centre has an exchange program almost similar to LED Kansai but focusing on ASEAN and Japanese women entrepreneurs, namely ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurship Linkage Program (AJWELP).

The annual AJWELP program in one of the ASEAN countries was deferred due to the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. Instead, the Centre organized the global talk session as a follow-up activity for the AJWELP alumnae. Three AJWELP alumnae joined the global talk session remotely. The attendees for this session are mostly Japanese women startups and Japanese companies interested in supporting startups. The viewers, including Japanese women entrepreneurs, commented that they were impressed by the panelists’ strong attitude to overcome business barriers and how they have been flexibly adjusting to find new ways against the COVID-19 pandemic. 93.2% of the viewers responded they learned something positive from the program.

The session allowed AJWELP alumnae to share their goals and the lesson learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. The audience and the AJWELP alumna also exchanged insights on entrepreneurship’s challenges in the dynamic economy and society.

No. of off-line and online audiences on the day: 638
No. of YouTube views in one week after the session:3,600

View remarks by SG Fujita on YouTube

PHOTO (from left to right): Ms. Mitsuki Bun, CEO, Beautiful Smile Co., Ltd.(Facilitator), Ms. Anak Agung Ayu Sri Utami Linggih, Founder, ROSALIE CHEESE氏 (Indonesia), Ms. Douangmany Heuangkhamsene, Founder / Managing Director / Chief Designer, Her Works (Lao PDR), Ms. Nguyen  Thi Nhu Ngoc, Founder & CEO, Viego Global (Vietnam)