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Report: AJWELP eMasterclass (sectoral session for women entrepreneurs)

The ASEAN-Japan Centre organized the AJWELP eMasterclass. This is an alternative programme to the AJWELP (ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs’ Linkage Program), which was unable to be implemented this year due to the pandemic.

A total of five eMasterclasses were held, inviting experts from around the world for different industries to share their knowledge and tips on how to overcome the current business situation affected by the pandemic.

■1st session: November 11, 2020
Industry: Fashion 
Speaker: Ms Preeti Kumar. Head, Saty Prakash Finishing School, India

■2nd session: November 16, 2020
Industry: Agriculture
Speaker: Ms. Helianti Hilman, Founder, Javara, Indonesia

■3rd session: November 19, 2020
Industry: Social Enterprise
Speaker: Ms. Patience Kamasah, Pat-Kamasah Farms, Ghana

■4th session: Nov. 30, 2020
Industry: E-commerce
Speaker: Ms. Reena Kaur, Go-To-Market Trainer, Lazada Group

■5th session: December 11, 2020
Industry: Tourism
Speaker: Mr. Naohiro Fukawa Director of INDIGO LLC / Director of Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ), Japan

Total number of participants: 159