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Report: ASEAN Class Training & Networking

The ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC) organized a training course “ASEAN Class Training & Networking” for the registered ASEAN Class lecturers on 28 September 2019 in Tokyo.
*”ASEAN Class” project dispatches ASEAN nationals to elementary school in Japan for Japanese students to deepen understanding on the ASEAN Member States.
The training course was aimed to improve the effectiveness of the “ASEAN Class” by providing an opportunity for the lectures to learn the methods of teaching. At the beginning of the training, AJC’s Tourism & Exchange Cluster introduced the ways to implement the “ASEAN Class” providing the tips on how to convey the message to the elementary school students based on the past experiences. Then, participants learned how to incorporate the idea of active learning into lectures from Mr. Shinichi Miyoshi from the Japan School Coach Association. The training was carried out in a group work style rather than a lecture style for the participants to experience the actual active learning method. Comments like “I learned a new teaching approach”, “I want to try it out” were received from the participants. Also, a networking session was provided to promote the registration of new lecturers and to share their knowledge and experience among the participants.

AJC will continue to improve the “ASEAN Class”. AJC is also recruiting ASEAN students who are interested to enroll in the ASEAN Class lecturer. Please refer to the URL below for details.