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<Report>ASEAN Class at Karasuyama Elementary School

ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a school-visit to Karasuyama Elementary School.


Date: October 12, 2018

Place: Karasuyama Elementary School, Setagaya-city, Tokyo

Class: 5th grade (2 classes)


In the school-visit program, Indonesian, and Myanmarese nationals living in Japan introduced their home countries to the 5th grade students. Each class received lectures of the two countries enabling students to compare the differences of the two. Lecturers having a good knowledge of Japan made the classes easier to understand for students by explaining differences of their countries and Japan. The students enjoyed Myanmar traditional sport called Chinlon, and experienced putting on Myanmar make-up called Thanaka on their skins. As for the lecture on Indonesia, there was a small quiz at the end of the class and its result showed that students have gained knowledge of Indonesia from the classes.