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Director of Tourism & Exchange Division conducted on-site ASEAN lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University for the third time

Lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University by Mr. Vathouniyom

  Mr. Vathouniyom Douangmala, Director of the Tourism and Exchange Division of the ASEAN-Japan Centre gave a lecture at the Sagamihara Campus, Aoyama Gakuin University on June 18, 2018, in response to a request by the University. It was the third time for Mr. Vathouniyom to give a lecture at this campus; and it was attended by more than 50 students who enrolled in a class on “Tourism in Asia”.

In his lecture titled “Tourism Policies in ASEAN -its contribution to AEC-“, Mr. Vathouniyom elaborated on history and features of ASEAN, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as a highly competitive economic region and the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025. He also briefed the students on the AJC’s activities to promote tourism as well as exchanges of persons between the ASEAN Member States and Japan; and shared attractions of Lao PDR, his home country, with the students.

The lecture well-inspired the students as Mr. Vathouniyom received many insightful comments and questions from them, including why number of tourists from the ASEAN Member States to Japan has been increasing; what Japan should do to attract more tourists from Southeast Asia; and what are differences in attraction of Vientiane, the capital, and Luang Phrabang, an ancient capital and popular tourism destination in Lao PDR.