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Guideline to Apply for the Accreditation of Commemorative Events and Use of Official Logo/Catchphrase for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation

Guideline to Apply for the Accreditation of Commemorative Events and Use of Official Logo/Catchphrase for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation


Accreditation of Commemorative Events and Use of Official Logo/Catchphrase

Please read the guideline before applying.

Guideline to Apply for the Accreditation of the Commemorative Events

Guideline of title, official logo and catchphrase

Apply for accreditation for “ASEAN-Japan 50th Year of Cooperation and Friendship” commemorative events

【Online Form for Government and Public Organization】 View questionnaire(PDF)

【Online Form for Others (General) 】 View questionnaire(PDF)

The following items should be submitted as attachments.

(a) Documents that provide an outline of the event (event proposal, list of exhibited works (for exhibitions, etc.), details of works (for films, plays, etc.), program, application guidelines (for publicly solicited exhibitions, competitions, etc.), etc.)

(b) A budgetary account balance sheet of the event’s income and expenditures (Appendix.1)

(c) Materials that provide an overview of the organization

  • List of Board of Directors and Executive Officers
  • Articles of incorporation or equivalent documents (rules, constitution, bylaws, act of endowment, etc.)
  • History of the organization, business achievements and activities
  • If the organizer and applicant are different, documents showing the relationship between them (contract, etc.)

* For government offices, diplomatic missions, consular organizations, international organizations, local governments, and independent administrative agencies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry, items (a), (b), and (c) above may be omitted.


Appendix.1_Budget for the Project.(Excel)
As you cannot attach Excel file to the application form, please convert it to PDF before submission.

Appendix.2_Event report

Appendix.3_Notification of change or cancelation


The Commemorative Events Secretariat for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation (ASEAN-Japan Centre)



about until accreditation

Q: The project/event I plan to apply for is six weeks past the deadline, counting backwards from the
event. Can I still apply even though the application deadline has passed?
A: You are welcome to submit your application, but please be aware that it will take time to be accredited.

Q: We don’t have much time before the event. Can you shorten the time to accreditation?
A: We are sorry, but we review the applications in the order they are received.

Q: When will I be notified of the results of the review?
A: Unless there is no missing or incomplete documents in your application, the results of the review will
be notified to you within 2 to 4 weeks.

Q: I received my accreditation email but it is not posted on your website yet, when will it be posted?
A: They will be posted in due course. Please let us know if it is not posted within one week of receiving
the certification email.

Q: To print the PR materials, we need the logo sent to us as soon as possible.
A: Logo data will be sent upon accreditation of the event/project. We don’t offer the data in advance.

about website

Q: What should I do if I have any changes or corrections to the data posted on the website?
A: Please send us your request by email.

Q: The translation of the xxx language seems to be incorrect. Can you fix it?
A: As described on the website, except for the text (Japanese-English) that you provide, the display is
based on “automatic translation.” Therefore, we are unable to change the display in the languages
other than English or Japanese. The text will be automatically translated based on the Japanese text, so
if you wish to change the Japanese text, please inform us by email.

Q: Could you please add a link to the English page since the link placed on the English translation page
was in Japanese?
A: Only one link can be placed on the “Go to the organizer’s website” button. However, we can place the
additional link in text. Please contact us by email if you have any requests.

about logo

Q: The guideline says the expiration date for the use of the logo mark and catchphrase is December 31,
2023, but if we post it on our website, it will remain beyond this year. Is this a problem?
A: That is not a problem.

Q: Do we need to replace or delete the logo from next year onward, even from the archive of the website
and flyer data of the certified projects?
A: It is an archive and does not need to be deleted or replaced.

Q: Although it has not been decided yet, there is a possibility that the project we have applied for will
take place in Viet Nam and Cambodia during 2023. In preparation for that, can I also apply for the
logo marks for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam
and Japan, and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Japan?
A: Please apply for the accreditation of each commemorative event (as well as for the use of the logo)
after the event (in Vietnam and Cambodia) have been confirmed.

Q: In addition to the project we have applied for this time, we plan to conduct several other
projects/events in 2023. Do we have to apply each time for each project/event if we want to use the
A: Please submit application for each project/event to be reviewed. However, if you are implementing the
same event but in different venue/event dates, and as long as the project contents are consistent, you
may apply for multiple events in a single application.

Q: Can the logo be used by the accredited event’s co-organizers or sponsors?
A: Permission to use the logo is not granted to organizations, but to the projects that apply. Therefore,
co-organizers and supporters are also welcome to use the logo for publicity of approved projects.

about input

Q: If the project/event that I plan to apply for is not specifically related to the ASEAN countries, would it
be eligible?
A: If the project or event has absolutely no relationship with ASEAN, it will not be eligible. If a part of the
project or event has a relationship with ASEAN and can be recognized as a friendship and cooperation
project, it may be eligible. The final decision will be made after the application is submitted.

Q: We are planning to hold a study session or other event associated with the project/event for which we
are applying on a different date. Do we have to apply for these separately?
A: No.

Q: Is it possible to specify the date of information release on the Web site?
A: When submitting an application, please indicate in the event name (project name) field that the event
will be open to the public on or after XXX (date), or that you will inform us at a later date, etc., and we
will accomodate your request (please note that you are unable to specify a particulate date to be

Q: We haven’t decided on the name of the project/event, co-organizers/supporters, and project
image/flyer at this time.
A: Project/event name can be tentative. Please make it clear that it is tentative by writing “event name
(tentative)” or something similar. If the co-organizers/supporters are not yet confirmed, please enter
(tentative/undecided) after the organization’s name. As for project image/flyer, if you have any
changes, please cotact us by email after the event has been accredited. We can replace it anytime.

Q: I have not received a receipt email after submitting my application, has my application been
successfully accepted?
A: Please check the “I agree” checkbox in the last section of the form and click “Done.”After the
secretariat confirms that the information you have entered is complete, we will send you an e-mail
confirming that your application has been received. If you do not check the “I agree” box and close
your browser, you will need to enter the information again from the beginning.

Q: Can I apply for a year-round project description as well as a spot event?
A: Applications for an event held throughout the year is acceptable.Please enter “throughout the year” to
the question “number of event days.”

Q: Regarding “how to participate” and “entry fee” for a sports event, should I enter the one for
contestants or the one for viewers?
A: The website content is basically for general attendees and viewers.