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Global Value Chains in ASEAN

Global Value Chains in ASEAN

Value chains, SMEs and AEC

The Centre, as part of new efforts to conduct research and policy analysis, aims to provide insights into the relevance, impact and patterns of value added trade and global value chains (GVCs) across the ASEAN and its Member States and in select industries.
For this purpose, the GVC database was created in FY2016, built upon efforts made by other organizations such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Based on the database, 16 technical reports will be produced over the next several years: one paper for each country; five industry papers (automobile, electrics, textiles and clothing, agribusiness, tourism) and one whole paper on the region itself.


Paper 3: Cambodia (March 2019)
Database for Paper 3


Paper 10: Thailand (March 2019)
Database for Paper 10


Paper 9: Singapore (August 2018)
Database for Paper 9


Paper 16: Tourism (March 2018)
Database for Paper 16


Paper 2: Brunei Darussalam (February 2018)
Database for Paper 2


Paper 8: The Pilippines (July 2017)
Database for Paper 8



Paper 1: A Regional Perspective (Revised) (January 2019)
Database for Paper 1