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Data on Investment

IV-1 FDI by Major Countries/Regions

IV-1-1 Inward FDI Flows by Major Host Countries/Regions

Download (PDF file:43KB)

IV-1-2 Outward FDI Flows by Major Host Countries/Regions

Download (PDF file:42KB)

IV-1-3 Trend of Inward FDI Flows to ASEAN and China, 1990-2009

Download (PDF file:103KB)

IV-2 Japan’s FDI Flows to ASEAN and China by Country and Industry, 2009

Download (PDF file:65KB)

IV-3 Trend of Japan’s FDI to ASEAN and China, 1996-2009

Download (PDF file:154KB)

IV-4 Membership of the Japanese Chambers of Commerce and Industry in ASEAN and China

Download (PDF file:54KB)

IV-5 FDI in ASEAN and China (ASEAN and Chinese Statistics)

IV-5-1 FDI to Brunei Darussalam

Download (PDF file: 50KB)

IV-5-2 FDI to Cambodia

Download (PDF file: 49KB)

IV-5-3 FDI to Indonesia

Download (PDF file: 57KB)

IV-5-4 FDI to Laos

Download (PDF file: 49KB)

IV-5-5 FDI to Malaysia

Download (PDF file: 60KB)

IV-5-6 FDI to Myanmar

Download (PDF file: 52KB)

IV-5-7 FDI to the Philippines

Download (PDFfile: 62KB)

IV-5-8 FDI to Singapore

Download (PDF file: 61KB)

IV-5-9 FDI to Thailand

Download (PDF file: 58KB)

IV-5-10 FDI to Vietnam

Download (PDF file: 61KB)

IV-5-11 FDI to China

Download (PDF file: 55KB)