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Basic Economic Data

I-1 Basic Data

Download (PDF file: 77KB)

I-2 Comparison of Basic Data of ASEAN with Other Countries/Economic Units, 2008

Download (PDF file:192KB)

I-3 Relationship betweenJapan and ASEAN

Download (PDF file: 101KB)

I-4 Labor Force

Download (PDF file: 797KB)


I-5-1 GDP, Current Prices

Download (PDF file: 64KB)

I-5-2 GDP Per Capita, Current Prices

Download (PDF file: 41KB)

I-5-3 Annual Percentage Change of GDP, Constant Prices

Download (PDF file: 43KB)

I-5-4 GDP by Economic Origin, Current Market Prices, 2006

Download (PDF file: 56KB)

I-5-5 GDP Value and Share by Economic Origin, Current Market Prices

Download (PDF file: 84KB)

I-6 Balance of Payments

Download (PDF file: 48KB)

I-7 International Reserves (minus gold)

Download (PDF file:55KB)

I-8 Exchange Rate

Download (PDF file:40KB)

I-9 Consumer Price Index

Download (PDF file:38KB)

I-10 Japan’s Bilateral ODA

I-10-1 Disbursement of ODA by Country and Type, 2007

Download (PDF file:54KB)

I-10-2 Recipients of Japan’s Bilateral ODA, Top 30, 2007

Download (PDF file:52KB)

I-11 ODA Flows to ASEAN and China, 2007

Download (PDF file:73KB)

I-12 Expenditure of Government Finance by Function, 2007

Download (PDF file:181KB)

I-13 Number of Foreign Residents Registered in Japan

Download (PDF file: 42KB)

I-14 Number of Japanese Nationals Overseas, 2008

Download (PDF file:46KB)

I-15 Trend in the Number of Students from ASEAN in Japan

Download (PDF file:108KB)

I-16 Penetration Rate of Media

Download (PDF file: 47KB)

I-17 Gross Domestic Savings

Download (PDF file: 42KB)