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Data on Tourism

V-1 Outbound Travel from Major Countries by Destination (2004)

Download (PDFfile:409KB)

V-2 Outbound Travel from ASEAN Countries by Destination (2004)

Download (PDFfile:408KB)

V-3 Japanese Overseas Travellers by Destination

Download (PDFfile:414KB

V-4 Trend of Japanese Travellers to ASEAN

Download (PDFfile:442KB)

V-5 Japanese Travellers to ASEAN Countries

Download (PDFfile:417KB

V-6 Tourist Arrivals in ASEAN Countries

Download (PDFfile:449KB

V-7 Tourist Arrivals in ASEAN Countries (2005)

Download (PDFfile:453KB

V-8 Visitor Arrivals to Japan by Nationality and Purpose of Visit (2005)

Download (PDFfile:408KB

V-9 Balance of Payments on Travel

Download (PDFfile:409KB

V-10 GDP and Employement of Travel and Tourism of Major Countries (2005)

Download (PDFfile:433KB