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Basic Economic Data

Basic Data Full Tex Download

Download (PDFfile:669KB)

I-1 Basic Data

Download (XLSfile:105KB)

I-2 Comparison with Other Regional Economic Units, Japan and China (2001)

Download (XLSfile:33KB)

I-3 Relationship between Japan and ASEAN

Download (XLSfile:64KB)

I-4 Labor Force

I-4-1 Labor Force

Download (XLSfile:144KB )

I-4-2 Wages in Manufacturing (Monthly)

Download (XLSfile:28KB)

I-5 Gross Domestic Product

I-5-1 Total GDP (Nominal)

Download (XLSfile:42KB)

I-5-2 GDP Per Capita (Nominal)

Download (XLSfile:228KB)

I-5-3 GDP by Economic Origin (2001)

Download (XLSfile:25KB)

I-5-4 GDP Value & Share by Economic Origin (At Current Market Prices)

Download (XLSfile:143KB)

I-6 International Reserves (minus gold)

Download (XLSfile:20KB)

I-7 Exchange Rate

Download (XLSfile:30KB)

I-8 Expenditure of Government Finance by Function (2001)

Download (XLSfile:90KB )

I-9 Consumer Price Index

Download (XLSfile:20KB)

I-10 Japan’s Official Development Assistance

I-10-1 Types and Geographic Distribution of Aid (2001)

Download (XLSfile:35KB)

I-10-2 Major Recipient Countries of Japan’s Bilateral ODA (2001)

Download (XLSfile:48KB)

I-10-3 List of Countries to Which Japan is the Top Donor (2000)

Download (XLSfile:24KB)

I-11 Number of Foreign Residents Registered in Japan

Download (XLSfile:29KB)

I-12 Number of Japanese Residents Overseas (2001)

Download (XLSfile:36KB)

I-13 Trend in the Number of Students from ASEAN Countries Studying in Japan

Download (XLSfile:19KB)

I-14 Japanese Student Enrollments to Educational Institutions in ASEAN Countries

Download (XLSfile:25KB)

I-15 Distribution Rate of Media

Download (XLSfile:19KB)