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Data on Tourism

V-1 Japanese Travelers to ASEAN and Comparison to the Previous Year

Download (PDF file:50KB)

V-2 Tourist Arrivals in ASEAN

  V-2-1  Tourist Arrivals in Brunei

    Download ( PDF file: 41KB)

  V-2-2  Tourist Arrivals in Cambodia

    Download ( PDF file: 90KB)

  V-2-3  Tourist Arrivals in Indonesia

    Download ( PDF file: 39KB)

   V-2-4  Tourist Arrivals in Laos

    Download ( PDF file: 51KB)

   V-2-5  Tourist Arrivals in Malaysia

    Download ( PDF file: 42KB)

   V-2-6  Tourist Arrivals in Myanmar

    Download ( PDF file: 92KB)

   V-2-7  Tourist Arrivals in Philippines

    Download ( PDF file: 42KB)

   V-2-8  Tourist Arrivals in Singapore

    Download ( PDF file: 91KB)

   V-2-9  Tourist Arrivals in Thailand

    Download ( PDF file: 38KB)

   V-2-10 Tourist Arrivals in Vietnam

    Download ( PDF file: 38KB)

V-3 Tourist Arrivals in ASEAN, 2010

Download (PDF file:93KB)

V-4 Japanese Overseas Travelers by Destination (Top 20, 2007~2009)

Download (PDF file:51KB)

V-5 Trend of Japanese Travelers

Download (PDF file:1257KB)

V-6 Outbound Travel from ASEAN by Destination, 2009

Download (PDF file:43KB)

V-7 Visitor Arrivals to Japan by Nationality and Purpose of Visit, 2010

Download (PDF file:43KB)

V-8 Balance of Payments on Travel

Download (PDF file:39KB)

V-9 GDP and Employment of Travel and Tourism of Major Countries, 2010

 Download (PDF file:76KB)