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Private: What’s new (2013)

ASEAN Sports Caravan 2013




Sepak takraw, a unique sports originated from the Southeast Asia region.
Chinlone, a traditional sports of Myanmar.
The top players of sepak takraw and chinlone will now gather in Japan to mesmerize you with their fantastic play!


ASEAN Sports Caravan 2013 will be organized as part of the Centre’s effort to introduce the culture of the ASEAN region and to foster the interactions among people through sports. The sepak takraw world ranking No. 1 team from Thailand as well as top players of chinlone from Myanmar are invited to Japan to participate in events such as the Okinawa International Film Festival and other sports events in various cities in Japan to introduce these unique sports to the public.


◆ International Friendship Sepak Takraw Match ◆
~ Thailand (World Ranking No. 1) vs. Japan (World Ranking No. 3) ~


The sepak takraw world champion team from Thailand will play a friendship match with the Japan’s national team (world Ranking No. 3).  You will see acrobatic attacks as well as defense kicks which top class soccer players couldn’t imitate. Everything happens so fast in a flash and you do not want to miss a moment. So, keep your eyes to the court all the time!


 ◆ The mysterious traditional sports from Myanmar, chinlone’s first exhibition in Japan! ◆


Chinlone, the national sports from Myanmar with more than 1500years of history but barely known in Japan. It is usually performed during the pagoda festivals and it is also very popular among teens in Myanmar. The top players who are performing during the coming Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games) in this December will show you their skillful performances!


● Period : March 28 (Thursday) ~ April 3 (Wednesday)
●  Cities to be visited : Okinawa, Osaka, Nara, Tokyo (Tentatively)
●  Organizer : ASEAN-Japan Centre
*This Caravan is organized in cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy in Japan, Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Japan, Japan Sepaktakraw Federation, sponsored by the Thai Airways and Vietnam Airlines and is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


◆ Event Schedule ◆

Date Time Event Venue

March 29




The 5th Okinawa International Film Festival 

“Sepak Takraw International Exhibition Match
feat. Chinlone”

Watch the matches with popular Japanese comedians!


Okinawa Convention Centre

(Ginowan City, Okinawa Pref.)

 March 30




 Kelu in Osaka
~Sepak Takraw International Friendship Match ~
Thailand vs. Japan

Witness how the ex-soccer player and his team members challenge the difficult techniques of sepak takraw! There will be exhibition performance of chinlone as well!

(Cooperation from Kansai Telecasting Cooperation)

 Kansai TV Arena

(Osaka City, Osaka)

 March 31




 ASEAN-Japan Sports Expo 
Asuka Kemari + Sepak Takraw + Chinlone = ???

Expect the unexpeted! Come and witness the historical encounter of this 3 unique sports!

(Organizer: Asuka Historical National Government Park, Cooperation: Nara Pref. and Association of Asuka Kemari)

Asuka Historical
National Government Park

(Asuka Village, 
Takaichi County,
Nara Pref.) 

 April 3



 Kelu in Tokyo ~ Extreme Sepak Takraw ~

The grand finale of ASEAN Sports Caravan 2013 with exciting matches and performances you shouldn’t miss!

(Organizer: Japan Sepaktakraw Federation, NPO KOMPOSITION)

Shibuya O-EAST


* If you wish to know more about sepak takraw and chinlone, please visit the ASEAN Sports Museum 
** For warming up before the events, watch the introduction movie of Chinlone and Sepak Takraw!!


◆◇………………….For inquiries………………….◇◆

ASEAN-Japan Centre (PR)
☎ 03-5402-8118 (Weekdays 9:30 ~ 17:30)