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Private: What’s new (2012)

The 16th Art Exhibition of the Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts (SSIA)


The Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts (SSIA) is having its 16th Art Exhibition in this coming June 19 – 26. Oil paintings, Japanese paintings, water paintings, pastels, acrylic paintings, photos, sculptures, batik paintings, woodblock prints and many other artistic work by artists from Indonesia and Japan will be exhibited in the ASEAN-Japan Centre.

In accordance with the Art Exhibition, a special Balinese Art Workshop will be organized as well. We hope that more people can get to know about the Indonesian art.

The 16th Art Exhibition of the Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts (SSIA)

  • Date: June 19 (Tue.) – 26 (Tue.) *Closed on June 24 (Sun.)
  • Time: 9:30 – 17:30
  • Venue: The ASEAN-Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre
  • Entrance Fee: FOC
  • Organizer: The Society for the Study of Indonesia Art (SSIA)
  • Co-organizer: The ASEAN-Japan Centre

Painting1                                           Painting2

Titis Jabaruddin 「Ngopi Sore Hari」                           Dewa Putu Agung 「Dewa Ganesha」

Painting4                                Painting3

                     Kondo Eiko 「furusato no haru」                                             「KIDS」

*Photos are art works exhibited during the 15th Art Exhibition of the Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts, 2010


☆★☆ Special Event, Balinese Art Workshop ☆★☆

In order to provide chances for the public to get to know the Balinese art, we have  invited Mr. Nyoman Sudarsana, a painter from Indonesia, to present an introductory workshop to the Balinese art. Through this workshop, participants will use ink and brush to draw their very first Balinese drawing. All the necessary tools will be prepared and beginners are all welcomed!

  • Date: June 23 (Sat.)
  • Time: 13:00 ~ 15:00
  • Venue: The ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre
  • Participation fee: FOC (No reservation needed)
  • Lecturer: Mr. Nyoman Sudarsano



【 Profile of the lecturer 】
Mr. Nyoman Sudarsana was born to an artistic family in Batuan, Bali. He was exposed to the traditional painting and folk entertainment of Batuan since young. He studied contemporary art and design in Udayana University in Bali and later became an art teacher in an art high school of Bali. He is now a Balinese dancer as well as an artist in Japan.

【 What is Balinese Art ? 】
It was said that the origin of the Balinese art comes from the Majapahit Empire in the late 16th century. Balinese art wass influenced by Hindu culture, many of the paintings depicted the god and goddess of the Hinduism as well as the ancient Indian epic, such as Ramayana and so on. During the colonization of the Netherlands, Balinese art was also influenced by the western art. Some techniques such as perspective and shading could be observed in contemporary Balinese art. The Balinese artists also started to draw about the daily lives of the people and scenery of Bali.


【 About the Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts (SSIA) 】

The SSIA was established with the purpose to enhance the interaction between the artists of Indonesia and Japan through the art works of each other. It held its 1st Tokyo art exhibition in 1979 and its 1st Jakarta art exhibition a year later. This is the 4th art exhibition being held in the ASEAN-Japan Centre.

  • For further inquiry, please contact
    The Society for the Study of Indonesia Arts (SSIA)
    Tel: 03-3381-7722