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Private: What’s new (2012)

University Students visit to the Centre


University students from the Shinshu University and Takushoku University visited the Centre on September 28 and October 2 respectively. On top of the establishment of the Centre as well as activities of each division, the Centre’s staffs also gave briefing about the ASEAN-Japan relations to the students. The students showed keen interests in the ASEAN countries and there were lively discussions between the students and the Centre’s staffs.


                                 Shinshu_University_1              Takushoku_University_1

Briefings by the Centre’s staffs to the students.


                                Shinshu_University_2             Takushoku_University_2

The students also visited the CLMV Trade Exhibition with Business Meetings held at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.


                               Shinshu_University_3           Takushoku_University_3                     

                               Students from the Shinshu University.       Students from the Takushoku University.