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Private: What’s new (2012)

【July 16(Mon./PH)】Cambodia Week: Movie & Dance Performance by the Cambodian Student Association in Japan



As part of the special events for the Cambodia week, we are pleased to present you the screening of “The Volunteer, for Real?” and Cambodian dance performances ♪ Come and join us at the ASEAN-Japan Hall !!

★The Screening of “The Volunteer, for Real?”★

Cambodia Movie Poster   

~ You can’t change the world, but you can trigger the change ~ 

Director: Tsuyoshi Satoda
Narrator: Kengo Takami

When Hiroaki Ishimatsu begins to wonder if there’s more to his privileged life than sleeping in class, hitting on girls, and partying, he decides to start a volunteer club called GRAPHIS, a non-profit student group which raises the funds to build a school in Cambodia for impoverished kids. Upon observing the conditions of Cambodian healthcare, Ishimatsu, a medical student and budding doctor, decides that he also wants to build a clinic for rural Cambodian residents, an undertaking with considerably more obstacles and costs.

【Message from the Director】
“I have to do something but I don’t know what I should do!” For those who share the same feeling, this is the movie I want you to watch. It depicts the happiness and despairs that only those who had like there is no tomorrow to achieved their goals know.

13:50     Open
14:00     Opening Remarks by the Cambodian Student Association in Japan(CSAJ)
14:15     Message from Tsuyoshi Satoda Director
14:25     Screening of the movie

☺Find out more about the movie here!☺

★Cambodian Dance Performance★

❂❂Apsara Dance   16:20~
The traditional Cambodian court dance, Apsara, will be presented to you by the Cambodian Student Association in Japan (CSAJ)! You might experience a time warp back to the ancient kingdom of Cambodia !!

❂❂Khmer Folk Dance  16:35~
The Cambodian Student Association in Japan (CSAJ) will also show you the popular Khmer folk dance that many of the Cambodians enjoy during wedding ceremonies or new year parties.


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