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A group of journalists from ASEAN countries visited the Centre

On Decemper 9, a group of journalists which consisted of 10 journalists (1 from each ASEAN country), visited the ASEAN-Japan Centre. 

After a brief introduction about the mandates and activities of the Centre, Mr. Songkane Luangmuninthone, Director of Trade and Investment Division, gave a detailed presentation about the trade and investment between ASEAN and Japan. It was followed by Mr. Dananjaya Axioma, Director of Tourism and Exchange Division, with a presentation about tourism between ASEAN and Japan. 

During the Q & A session, many questions regarding the increasing number of tourists arrivals from ASEAN countries to Japan and the Centre’s effort to promote a friendly environment to Muslim tourists to Japan. Other than that, the trends in foreign direct investment from Japan towards ASEAN region was discussed among the group.



Mr. Songkane and Mr. Danan explaining about the promotion activities of the Centre


Active discussions took place after the briefing