ASEAN情報マップ – ASEAN Information Map




Note: The revised version of ASEAN Information Map is prepared in both Japanese and English languages upon advice from ASEAN Member States. The Map was designed to understand the mid- or long-term dynamic development of ASEAN, containing various statistics ranging from population to trade and investment. These data are derived from international organizations and ASEAN governments, compiled on the basis of different methodologies due to the lack of consistent data and poor sources.
“★” This mark shows the latest data, updated in 2016.
AJC shall not be responsible for any damages, loss of profits or opportunities arising from using this data. You are advised to check the original data. The map can be downloaded from AJC’s website in PDF form and your are suggested to mention the source when you reproduce the data. If you have any comment, email to

As of March 2016



表紙/ Front Page 


役立つウェブサイト/ Useful websites 


ASEAN加盟国紹介/ Introduction of ASEAN Member States 


1. 人口/ Population 


3. 貿易/ Trade    

   ASEAN各国の貿易の変化/ Changing Trade Structure 


4. 投資/ Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 

   投資環境比較/ Investment Environment 

  各国の直接投資<対内・対外>/ FDI<Inward・Outward>


5. 各種経済指標/ Economic Indicators 

  厚みを増すASEANの中間層-拡大を続ける消費市場/ Increased Number of Middle Income Earners


6. ODA・物流マップ/ ODA・Losistics Network 


7. 農水産物・資源マップ/ Agricultural and Marine Products・Natural Resources 


8. 人の交流/ People-to-People Exchange 


9. 諸々マップ/ Japanese Presence in ASEAN 


裏表紙/ Back Page


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ASEAN情報マップ 2016年6月改訂版/ ASEAN Information Map as of  June 2016 (約6MB)

ASEAN情報マップ 2016年3月改訂版/ ASEAN Information Map as of  March 2016 (約6MB) 

ASEAN情報マップ 2014年11月改訂版/ ASEAN Information Map as of  November 2014 (約6MB)  

ASEAN情報マップ 2013年7月改訂版/ ASEAN Information Map as of  July 2013 (約2.6MB)