The Investment Division of the Centre has been exerting efforts in initiating, coordinating and implementing investment promotion activities that aim to generate the actual investment from Japan into ASEAN countries. At present, the main activities of the Division are as follows:

(1) Investment Promotion Seminar in Japan

This activity involves inviting high- ranking ASEAN officials, Japanese experts, Japanese business representatives in ASEAN to be speakers in the seminars in Japan, the seminars can also be organized in ASEAN countries per request from ASEAN Member Countries. It is aimed at disseminating information on the investment climates, investment promotion policies and incentives, attractiveness and issues concerning investment in any respective ASEAN Member Country.

(2) Investment Promotion Mission in ASEAN

This activity is participated in by representatives from the public and private sectors, academia and media from Japan to ASEAN countries. It is organized with the objective of providing participants with first-hand information on the investment and business environment through visits to investment-related ASEAN and Japanese government organizations and facilities, Japanese and local business facilities, and industrial associations in ASEAN. Under this activity Japanese expert can also be dispatched to ASEAN countries to give lectures and advices to business in order to help ASEAN business develop to meet Japanese standards.

(3) Industrial Familiarization Mission in Japan

This activity is intended for representatives from public and private sectors from ASEAN Member Countries to visit Japanese government organizations, Japanese business and industrial associations in Japan to learn about trends, development, and requirement of Japanese businesses and industries. Missions can also be dispatched to other ASEAN countries upon the request from ASEAN Member Countries.

Publication & Distribution of Investment Collateral Materials & Networking

The Division publishes and distributes investment promotion guidebooks and investment-related materials of ASEAN Member Countries as well as attends to inquiries regarding general information of investment in ASEAN. Information on Japanese investment in ASEAN is updated and provided through the Centre’s website. The Division also works on enhancing and strengthening networking with ASEAN counterparts, investment-related Japanese and ASEAN public and private sectors and relevant stakeholders.

In addition, the Investment Division also organizes regional investment promotion seminars, capacity-building workshops in co-operation with other organizations such as the ASEAN Secretariat, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) etc. As a result, seminars and workshops such as The Mekong Regional Investment Promotion Seminar (January 17, 2008), ASEAN-Japan Seminars on FDI (May 28-29, 2007, September 7-8, 2005), Capacity-Building Program for ASEAN Investment Promotion Officials (March 28-30, 2006) had been organized.
The Division commits itself to planning and implementing investment promotion activities, which can serve the requirements of Japanese investors and lead to actual investment in ASEAN countries.